Litigation Funding with a Difference

Who we are

Who We Are

GT Capital is an established Australian-based Litigation Funder. We are funded by private equity, which enables us to take a more flexible approach to funding than our competitors. This applies to both the types of cases we consider suitable for investment, and the size of the claims we are willing to fund.

Our tailored expertise and extensive industry knowledge, combined with our commitment to maximising value for each claim, makes GT Capital an ideal funder for both claimants and investors looking for high returns with managed quantifiable risks.

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Maximising Potential

We are a private litigation funder that specialises in achieving the best possible legal outcomes for our clients by providing the financial and other resources required to maximise the potential of every claim.


Professional Team

We work closely with a select team which includes senior barristers, forensic accountants, financial professionals and other experienced consultants to ensure that our clients have the support needed at every step to drive their claim towards a successful resolution.


Unique Approach

We pride ourselves on operating a little differently from other funders, which generally only consider specific types of cases, and subject clients to lengthy delays during the assessment process.

Diverse Legal Spectrum

Diverse Legal Spectrum

We look at the legal and commercial merits of every case objectively, and fund matters across a diverse spectrum, including areas outside the scope of traditional litigation funding such as land compensation claims and cases involving disputed estates

What We Can Do

Our Achievements


Unmatched Litigation Expertise


Proven Track Record

Diverse Case Portfolio

Our Directors

Our highly experienced and respected team of professionals comprises extensive connections in the Australian legal, financial and business communities.

Mace Turco
Chief Financial Officer
Why choose us

Why Choose

GT Capital Partners

GT Capital Partners is a national litigation funding business which aims to position itself as one of the major litigation funders in Australia.
Our business model focuses on the following:

– Growing a portfolio of cases organically and via acquisition;

– Building and maintaining significant capital reserves;

– Using cash reserves to fund litigation; and

– Achieving successful outcomes for claimants and investors.

GT Capital Partners’ competitive advantage lies in its case review and selection process and taking a private equity approach to funding.