We offer clients the assistance they need to achieve the best possible result from their claim.

A partnership with GT Capital not only allows you to eliminate your financial risk, it also means that you secure a strategic litigation partner aligned with your commercial goals.

We understand that litigation is an uncertain and sometimes unfamiliar situation for our clients. That’s why the cornerstones of our business model are transparency, accountability and flexibility, combined with a deliberate attempt to minimise any red tape.

Litigation is inherently uncertain. Your choice of funder shouldn’t be.

Areas Of Law

We are willing to consider funding claims across a range of different
legal areas, including:

Commercial Claims

When business disputes extend beyond negotiations, commercial litigation may be necessary to settle the issue. Commercial litigation covers a broad range of areas including contractual disputes or misleading and deceptive conduct.

Insolvency Claims

You may have a personal or corporate insolvency dispute arising from bankruptcy or voluntary/involuntary liquidation after the commencement of a formal insolvency administration.


Competition Claims

Competition claims deal with the regulatory environment (including the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) and the disputes arising both prior to and after commencement of competition litigation, such as restrictive trade practices.


Land Compensation Claims

If the government has compulsorily acquired your interest in land or property for public purposes, you are legally entitled to fair compensation. Landowners, leaseholders and businesses can all be affected by compulsory acquisition.

Estate Claims

There are a number of claims that can be brought against a deceased estate including an action to receive something from the deceased’s estate, challenging a Will’s validity or an unresolved legal claim against the deceased.

Negligence Claims

Claims where a business or individual caused you harm through a breach of duty of care. These can involve claims arising from misleading professional advice, or personal injury resulting from medical malpractice or workplace negligence.


Taxation Claims

These are claims arising from disputes between individuals and businesses against revenue authorities, including the Australian Taxation Office and the State Revenue Office.


Building & Construction Claims

Building and construction law covers large scale commercial developments to small home improvement jobs. Disputes can include major project delays, contract terminations, potential job losses, lost revenue and even corporate collapses.

Balance left

Other Claims

Don’t see your claim in our list above? Your claim may still be suitable for funding. Our tailored approach to funding covers an extensive range of legal areas and assesses your claim application on its individual merits.