Apply For Funding With Our Simple 6-Step Funding Process

Submit your claim

Submit Your Claim

Applying for funding is easy. Simply provide us with a written outline of your claim together with any supporting material. If necessary, a confidentiality agreement will be entered into prior to any details of your claim being disclosed to the funder. We will contact you if we require further information or clarification in order to assess your claim.


We will generally complete a preliminary assessment of your claim within 7-14 days, although this timeframe may vary if the claim is particularly complex or requires special consideration for any other reason. We consider each case on its merits and apply a flexible, albeit commercial, approach when assessing potential claims. However, as a general guide, the factors that we take into account include the merits and strength of the case, the realistic quantum of the claim, and the likely costs of running the action. Other factors, such as the expected timeframe for completion and the capacity of the defendant/s to meet any judgment debt, are also relevant. The latter is particularly important as it is a prerequisite for funding. It is important that your funding submission is as comprehensive as possible, as we are only able to assess potential claims based on the information made available to us at the time.

Funding offer

Funding Offer

Claims which are considered suitable for funding are submitted to our Investment Committee for formal approval. Following formal approval, a funding offer will be sent to you outlining the terms on which we are willing to provide funding. Generally, GT Capital will receive a percentage of any proceeds from the claim in return for funding the case. This percentage is determined by a number of factors and will change from case to case. Before executing a formal funding agreement we will require the solicitors who have been engaged to run the claim to provide formal cost estimates and sign our standard terms. If no solicitors are engaged, we will liaise with you to arrange this prior to the funding agreement taking effect.


Once the funding agreement has been executed, we will provide the necessary funds to commence/progress your claim to completion. The timeframe to completion varies from case to case, although in every matter our goal is to ensure that the claim is progressed as quickly and efficiently as possible, having regard to the relevant facts and circumstances. We take an active role in the management of the claim from start to finish, whilst also respecting the roles of each party involved in the claim. Our primary goal is always to work harmoniously with other stakeholders to achieve a successful outcome.

Commencement progression claim


Many cases will be resolved without the need for a trial, either by way of formal mediation or otherwise, arising out of informal negotiations between the parties. The key to achieving a successful outcome in litigation is knowing how to strike the right balance between compromise and context. This requires a detailed knowledge of every aspect of the claim, an understanding of the various factors underlying the case, and the expertise and experience to properly assess the likelihood of potential outcomes at each stage. We always work closely with our clients and their legal team to ensure there is mutual understanding and agreement in this respect, particularly when approaching key milestones in the case. Whilst most cases settle, sometimes it is necessary to progress the case to a hearing in order to pursue a fair outcome. When this occurs, we will ensure that appropriate resources are committed to give the case the best possible chance of success at trial.


Upon completion of the case, any proceeds from the claim will be distributed in accordance with the terms of the funding agreement. If the claim is not successful, any adverse costs will generally be borne by the funder.

Distribution of proceeds

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